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Yesterday Was OK [entries|friends|calendar]
Maher Shalal Hash Baz

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Концерт Боя Джорджа в Б1 три часа назад одной картинкой [13 Jun 2030|12:46am]
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Big Bang Theory [27 May 2030|10:22am]
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When The world is running down, you make the best of what's still around [15 May 2030|02:57pm]

Elton John, Lady Gaga and Sting backstage during the Rainforest Fund's benefit concert
at Carnegie Hall in New York City on May 13, 2010.
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[30 Apr 2030|09:42am]
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10/ 2010 [26 Apr 2030|11:13am]
WWII Commemoration Gala Concert — Marking the 65th Anniversary of the End of The War in Europe
The Royal Albert Hall

A spectacular line–up of Russian and British stars will come together for this celebratory gala concert, marking the end of the second World War in Europe…
A programme of popular classics and war time favourites will transport the audience back to that long–awaited spring of 1945 when peace returned at last, set against an atmospheric backdrop of specially–created pictures and images. Alongside all the nostalgia, there will be plenty of contemporary music to enjoy too – as a fusion of music and cultures come together on stage to pay tribute to the Great Victory.

As well as the star–studded line–up of UK acts, the programme will include performances from the world–renowned Alexandrov Red Army Military Ensemble,
Mashina Vremeni with Andrei Makarevich and DDT with Yuri Shevchuk and Russia's very own Sinatra – Iosif Kobzon(я кончил).
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Trendy [20 Apr 2030|10:43am]
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Unica Grande Amore [12 Apr 2030|10:15am]

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[08 Apr 2030|12:00pm]
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[04 Apr 2030|12:16pm]

Единственное шоу на земле, способное конкурировать с "Домом-2" по количеству выходов в эфир...
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[02 Apr 2030|10:53am]
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"Oh!" and Go [03 Mar 2030|04:38pm]
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Gorilla Radio [02 Mar 2030|04:27pm]

А также на торрентах появился концерт Blur в Гайд-парке полугодичной давности в хорошем качестве - лучшее любимое и только для нас. Вспомнилась Горбушка, старые друзья и ковролин в бычках и пиве.
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666 [19 Feb 2030|11:15pm]
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Bazinga! [11 Feb 2030|12:47pm]
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Юбочка из плюша [10 Feb 2030|11:34am]

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Did you? [08 Feb 2030|09:20pm]

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Crossroads [05 Feb 2030|11:28pm]

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Новые кумиры [03 Feb 2030|02:20pm]
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Вован подкинул в топку отличных дров. [29 Jan 2030|11:56am]
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Kitchen Chemistry [27 Jan 2030|04:00pm]
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